HP0-J73 HP ATP – Storage Solutions V1 Passed!

Good times I managed to pass my first HP Storage exam HP0-J73 HP ATP – Storage Solutions V1 yesterday. This exam is part of the HP Storage certification track which I covered here.  As with any exam I can’t mention any specifics but I’ll list what I used to study as it will hopefully be useful for others taking this Exam.


  • First off I took the official course 00729763 Designing HP SMB Storage Solutions
  • I looked at the official HP ExpertOne exam preparation guide to see how the exam topics were weighted, this is also show below

  • Breaking the above table down the really key things to know are:
    • All about the HP Storage products and their features, spend a good proportion of your study time on this. Think of it from a pre-sales point of view, for each product you will need to know it’s features, which product in the range does what and how it scales, plus a bit about the software / licencing options available for it
    • Know the HP storage tools SBW, HP Storage Sizer etc all quite easy stuff and covered on the course. If you have time, install some of them and have a play. Again you won’t need real detailed knowledge just which tool to use when and how they interact with each other.
    • Know your basics of storage, different drive types, Raid levels their use cases etc
  • Read the student course book, this has lots of good information in it and should highlight where the gaps in your knowledge exist
  • The best way to gain product knowledge I found was from the QuickSpecs for each product. You can find all the QuickSpecs here . The main products you will need to know about are StoreServ (3Par), StoreEasy, StoreOnce, StoreVirtual, Data Protector and MSL tape Libraries. Know which product to choose for what scenario and also know within a product range which model you would choose i.e. how they scale, which is the performance model etc.
  • If you have time to play with some of the products and get hands on experience great, if not don’t worry, I don’t think you will get many console type question on how to perform specific tasks, base your learning on things you would need to know for design decisions
  • On the product you’re less familiar with take a look on YouTube there are lots of Chalk Talk’s and other HP videos that will help you to learn the main features of products
  • The products I was less familiar with I googled and read the basic install procedures etc, you won’t need to memorise this but it gave me a feel for the architecture of a product and how its various components fitted together
  • Take a look at the additional recommended reading in the HP ExpertOne exam preparation guide . The HP SAN design Guide and HP 3Par best practices are listed, these are beefy documents so get a feel for what kind of information they give you but don’t try and memorise them
  • Do the practice questions in HP ExpertOne exam preparation guide

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “HP0-J73 HP ATP – Storage Solutions V1 Passed!

  1. Do you have any other information passing this exam. I have good experience with storage but all of the units covered in this exam I have not worked on yet. I have passed my NetAPP storage exam with more ease than this exam (which I failed with 60%) on first attempt.

    Going through the product bulletin and such will take me months – does HP not have a study materials relevant for the exam without taking on of their costly ILT courses?

    1. Welcome to the blog, agreed this is a challenging exam given the amount of different products you need to know about. Remember you do not need to know detailed administration level information for each product, its more about the higher level design and selection decisions. All the other tips I have are in the post, take a look through again and good luck.

  2. Hi.
    I am now preparing for the HP0-j73 exam.
    Despite the fact that I am quite experienced storage engineer, this exam gives me very hard.
    Could you share a student guide?
    It would be very helpful to me.
    Thank you.

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