Backing Up the System Reporter Database

As I posted recently I had an issue with the corruption of one of the tables in MySQL, which caused System Reporter to go offline. To help to avoid a repeat of the 5 minutes I spent rolling around the floor muttering that all the data was lost, I have been looking into an automated way to backup the MySQL database used by System Reporter. I asked HP and they advised they don’t have any guidelines on backing up the System Reporter database or a preferred tool, so I jumped onto Google and had a look around at the various options.


The solution I have selected is a script published by By Matthew Moeller at Red Olive Design. The script is essentially a batch file which can easily be added as a scheduled task in Windows, which effectively means the backups can be automated. The other thing which made this particular script stand out is that it compresses the completed backup in a Zip file, in my case this resulted in the Zip being 4 times smaller than the actual DB. Another neat feature is that you can set how many days of backups you want to keep and it will automatically delete backups older than the specified date for you.


I have now had several successful runs with the script but as with any script use it at your own risk and make sure it is suitable for your environment. You can find the script which is free, and all the installation instructions here.

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