HP Discover – 1 Day to go!

One day to go to HP Discover! HP Discover, is HP’s big trade show held bi –annually, once in America and once in Europe. From the 2nd to 4th December HP Discover will take place in Barcelona.


It’s normally at Discover that the big announcements are made. Dedupe for the 7450 was unveiled at The Las Vegas HP Discover earlier in the year. Given that the latest batch of flash enhancements announced for the hybrid models were a significant innovation, yet were announced outside HP Discover you would have to believe a big announcement is coming.

Having read the strong hint from HP supremo Meg Whitman, I was expecting a baby 3Par announcement to be the next thing we heard about. But now given the significant face lift for the MSA that was announced last week, it now seems unlikely the timing is right to announce a small 3Par.

I’m lucky enough to be going this year on the HP independent blogger program and will be trying to blog / tweet as much as I can to keep everyone up to date. So if you want to hear all the latest news from Discover follow along on Twitter. If you’re also attending give me a shout and say hello!

Calvin Zito has put together a nice PDF summary of all the storage sessions, and I’m sure will also be updating his blog with the latest and greatest storage news. You can also watch the presentations via livestream

Also check out the other independent storage bloggers attending the event:

Nigel Poulton, NigelPoulton.com, @nigelpoulton
Craig Kilborn, VMFocus, @Craig_Kilborn
Justin Warren, eigenmagic, @jpwarren
Marco Broeken, vClouds, @mbroeken
3PARDude, @3PARDude
Jeffrey Powers, Geekazine, @geekazine
Phil Sellers, Techazine, @pbsellers
Francesco Bonetti, The Virtual Way, @fbonez


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