VSphere 6 Launch – Live Blog

Today saw the launch of VSphere 6.  I have had a go at live blogging to try and capture the information as it was announced, so here we go:


VMWare’s architecture for the future is – the complete software defined data centre. Manage any application on any device, hosted in a hybrid cloud – One Cloud. This was the real focus of the presentation, that of VSphere 6 as part of a software defined data centre.


Key Facts

  • VMWare NSX and VMware VCloud Air – Bridge public and private clouds in a single network
  • VSAN – Jumps version numbers to VSAN 6.0. Twice the scale and 4 times the performance versus 1.0. Available in hybrid and now all flash.
  • VVOLs – As predicted in previous posts VVOLs comes in VSphere 6.  VVOLs will offload the work to the storage system and enable a more policy driven approach
  • OpenStack VMware integration – Developer friendly API’s made available for OpenStack

VMware VSphere 6 – 650 new features!  Lots to learn for VCP

  • VCenter – more scalable and higher performance. Now max 64 host per cluster
  • VM scalability – now up to 4TB of RAM and 128vCPU’s
  • Hosts scalability – now up to 12TB of RAM and 480 CPU’s
  • VMotion across data centres and long distance VMotion.
  • Fault Tolerance is more scalable
  • Expected to be released in quarter one of this year

3PAR Stuff

The key news for 3PAR fans was obviously the VVOL’s stuff.  Check out my previous post on how VVOL’s may change the way we work with 3PAR.  3PAR has been part of the VVOL programme from day 1 and was the reference partner for FC . Check out this detailed video from Calvin Zito which gives a brief over view of the concepts and then dives into a demo with 3PAR. The policy driven stuff looks really good.



Most importantly my guess this would be the VSphere 6 launch was correct and I therefore don’t need to undertake the forfeit of changing my domain name to VNXDude.com.


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