VMware ESX SNMP settings

Setting SNMP settings on a standalone ESXi host using VMware vCLI.

Connecting to the host

The following command is used to connect to the host and will proceed each of the commands below.

esxcli –server <server name or IP> –user <user> –password <password>

1 Set the SNMP target port and community

esxcli system snmp set –targets target_address@port/community.

Replace target_address, port, and community with the address of the target system, the port number to send the traps to, and the community name, respectively.

2 To enable the SNMP agent

esxcli system snmp set –enable true

3 View SNMP settings

esxcli system snmp get

4 Send a test

esxcli system snmp test

Example of putting connection and command together:

esxcli –server <server name or IP> –user <user> –password <password> system snmp get

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