Top vBlog 2015 Results

Every year Eric Siebert organises an online poll to find the communities favourite bloggers. I am super pleased that in the first year of writing I have come inside the top 100 at position number 83.  In the categories other highlights included coming 6th in best new blog and 13th in best independent blogger.


Top spot in the overall rankings was maintained by Duncan Epping with his excellent, the full top 10 list can be seen below.

top 10

Cormac Hogan took the honours as top storage blogger, the list of all category winners can be seen below.

A big thanks to everyone that voted for the blog and to Eric Siebert for taking the time to organise the event. Check out the full results over at VSphere Land.


Keep tuned for more great content on! One of the ideas I want to take forward is the idea of guest bloggers to share their 3PAR ideas, experiences and tips.  I will write a post shortly with full details of how you can write a post on But in the mean time if you fancy it just give me a shout on Twitter or in the comments, no experience in blogging experience necessary.

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