Installing the 3PAR Management Console

The process for installing or upgrading the 3PAR Management Console is the same.  Its dead easy but here are the screen shots to walk you through it.  Before you begin you will need to download the 3PAR Management Console installation from the software updates and licencing website. You will need to know the software support contract (SAID) for your 3PAR system.

1 Before beginning disable any AV services on the system you are installing to

2 Mount the 3PAR Management Console using ISO Virtual CloneDrive or similar

3 Choose to run setup.exe in my case from inside the windows directory of the ISO

4 Just choose next at the introduction screen


5 Choose the install location and click next


6 A summary of the install appears, just click install


7 A couple of information screens appear during the install, no need for any input.  Just wait for the install to complete.



8 That’s it just click done! If you are running 3PAR OS 3.1.3 or above don’t forget to check out the newer management console the 3PAR SSMC.




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5 thoughts on “Installing the 3PAR Management Console

  1. Hi,
    Can you confirm that Version 4.6.2 of is the last iteration of the IMC for managing classical F-Class Arrays?
    I would love to use the new browser based Console, but have heard that it it doesn’t support old F or T-Class Arrays. Is that true?

  2. I had 4.7.1 working just fine then windows pushed an update and it no longer works. I tried to uninstall and it just failed to uninstall. I reloaded my OS from scratch and have tried to install 4.7.3 and it loads the “install anywhere” then nothing… it wont continue to the installer. Have you seen this issue?

      1. Of course, I reinstall the OS from scratch (windows 10 home) offline and I was able to get it installed. After connecting to the Internet and upgrading to pro and security patches, it failed again. When starting IMC Java SE Binary stops and the program ends… I tried to call HPE but my phone disconnected and I was boarding my flight. I will call again when I finish my travel. Thankfully this trip was for a StoreOnce and not a 3par

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