Installing the 3PAR Management Console

The process for downloading and installing the 3PAR Management Console is covered in this post. The 3PAR Management Console was the traditional tool for managing your 3PAR systems. 4.7.3 was the last incarnation of IMC, since it has been superseded by the StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) which gives you a pretty web based management interface.  If you want to get started with the SSMC you can get ready with our SSMC install guide and beginners SSMC posts.

If you are running 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and below or just prefer the traditional management console then read on.

Downloading the 3PAR Management Console

1 You can download the 3PAR Management console, form this direct link which takes you to the 3PAR software depot.  If you just browse the depot its hidden.

Installing the IMC

Its dead easy but here I will walk you though the process with screen shots.

1 Choose to run setup.exe for the v4.7 files you just downloaded. In my case from inside the Windows directory of the ISO

2 Just choose next at the 3PAR management console introduction screen

Introduction screen on 3PAR management console install

2 Choose the install location, leave it default unless you have specific reason to move it and then click next

Choosing file location for installation

3 A summary of the install appears, check your selections and then click install

Summary of selections made in wizard

4 A couple of information screens appear during the install, no need for any input.  Just wait for the install to complete.

Screen displaying progress of install

5 That’s it just click done, and you have the latest version of IMC installed!

Screen confirming 3PAR Management console 4.7 has been installed

Don’t forget to install your other 3PAR management tools the CLI and SSMC

You can learn more about the IMC in the HPE 3PAR Management Console User Guide


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9 thoughts on “Installing the 3PAR Management Console

  1. Hi,
    Can you confirm that Version 4.6.2 of is the last iteration of the IMC for managing classical F-Class Arrays?
    I would love to use the new browser based Console, but have heard that it it doesn’t support old F or T-Class Arrays. Is that true?

  2. I had 4.7.1 working just fine then windows pushed an update and it no longer works. I tried to uninstall and it just failed to uninstall. I reloaded my OS from scratch and have tried to install 4.7.3 and it loads the “install anywhere” then nothing… it wont continue to the installer. Have you seen this issue?

      1. Of course, I reinstall the OS from scratch (windows 10 home) offline and I was able to get it installed. After connecting to the Internet and upgrading to pro and security patches, it failed again. When starting IMC Java SE Binary stops and the program ends… I tried to call HPE but my phone disconnected and I was boarding my flight. I will call again when I finish my travel. Thankfully this trip was for a StoreOnce and not a 3par

  3. I am unable to login to IMC 4.7. But i can able to manage the 3par through CLI. could you please let us know what might be the issue with my IMC.

  4. Hi
    Just tried to install the SSMC on a Win 2016 Standard VM.
    Installation sailed through fine, I’ve opened inbound port 8443, however when I try to run the Console (IE 11 opens) the page doesnt load.
    I just see the spinning wheel in the webpage.
    Any thoughts?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Matt

      IE should be supported, but the docs also say Google Chrome is recommended for best performance. I would give this a go

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