SSMC Kick Off Week

SSMC is the new management console for 3PAR and I have to admit until now I have been a bit slack at getting started with it.  There is always the temptation to just carry on with doing things the way you always have and are comfortable with i.e. managing your 3PAR via CLI and the Management Console.  With the launch of SSMC 2.1 a couple of days ago the number of features now supported looks compelling and I have decided to try and make it my first stop for 3PAR management, to start to pick up the new skills and to see how it performs.


To start things off with a bang and support others in the transition to SSMC I have decided to do a SSMC kick off week starting tmorrow.  The plan is to blog as I learn, Monday’s post will be revealing all the new features in SSMC 2.1.  Follow along on the blog and on Twitter using #ssmc with your thoughts tips and tricks.  If you already have experience with SSMC and fancy sharing on give me a shout, there is so much knowledge out there in the community I really want to start pull that knowledge into the blog with guest posts. It should be fun, stay tuned!_00_SSMC 2_Login_1680x1050_300dpi

Update – SSMC Kick off week is now complete here is the complete list of posts:

SSMC 2.1 – What’s new?

Installing 3PAR SSMC

The SSMC Administrator Console

SSMC Newbies Guide

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