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Lots of good content came out of HP Discover and I just wanted to pull as much of it as I could find into one place. I appreciate there is a large number of links so if you are short on time just check out the top 3 Video’s. The first video is with Manish Goel the new SVP of storage for HP, he covers the new models and his vision for the future. In the second video Calvin Zito talks HP Storage past, present and future, a really insightful interview well worth a watch. The third video I really recommend is from the bloggers briefing again with Manish Goel where he answers the bloggers questions.



Storage Keynote – The end of storage as you know it

Calvin Zito on The Cube

HP Storage Bloggers Coffee Talk with Manish Goel

Siamak Nazari and Calvin Zito talk all flash

Manish Goel on the Cube

Mrs 3PAR Crystal Harrison Talks about the new 20,000 storage line

Calvin Zito on 32 Years of HP Storage

Vish Mulchand & Bruce Trevarthen – HP Discover 2015 – theCUBE

Craig Nunes & Mike Abram – HP Discover 2015 – theCUBE

Chalk talk – 20K series



Nate Amsden – 3PAR Gen5 true flash scale storage

Enrico Signoretti – New HP 3PAR StorServ 20800 series is massive

Craig Kilborn – HP 3PAR Streaming Remote Copy Replication

Bart Heungens – More flexibility for 3PAR Remote Copy with Asynchronous Streaming

Bart Heungens – 3PAR 3.2.2 software update overview

Philip Sellers – Evaluating HP Storage Operations Manager from the customer perspective

Chris Evan – HP Expands 3PAR Range with New 20800 Arrays

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