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The onward march of SSMC continues with System Reporter being announced by HP as end of life. System Reporter was until recently the reporting tool for 3PAR, the install required the 3PAR System Reporter software and an external database such as MySQL. The install could be painful and I have to admit when I first saw System Reporter I couldn’t believe it, the interface and graphs looked look like some college kid had coded it in a lunch break. But over time I learned to love it, I got used to that crazy interface and saw there really was a wealth of information in there.

system reporter1

End of life

From the 1st of May 2015 end of life for System reporter was announced, end of life does not mean that support stops immediately. The end of support date is related to the end of support date for the 3PAR OS the System Reporter installation is reporting on.


What now?

SSMC will be the successor to System Reporter with its inbuilt reporting system. The reporting element is installed by default when you install SSMC which I covered previously. The System Reporter licence option is still available but what it means now is access to historic data through SSMC and threshold alerts. There is no need to migrate data from your external System Reporter system, SSMC uses on node data which will have been collected automatically.


If you’re new to SSMC check out my beginners guide to SSMC.




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