Can’t make VMworld? Prepare to be beamed up

Do you suffer from the VMworld envy? Are you sad, lonely,  jealous of your friends at VMworld? Do you spend hours wondering what you’re missing or glued to the VMworld Twitter stream?  Well worry no more friends, because VMware have the answer, beams.


You will find beams especially interesting if you have a desire to be half man half robot. Beams are like video conferencing on the go . This mobile video conferencing unit (pictured above) allows you to go anywhere, see anything, interactive with anyone you want.  Beams of course also facilitate the ability to run over anyones feet you like, watch out Pat Gelsinger.

For those that are going to be in VMworld have an excellent time and please do tag me in any tweets or photos of 3PAR storage so they can be shared with everyone.

Finally everyone watch this space as I have a new blog / website starting soon which is something I’m very excited and passionate about so keep your eyes open for that one.

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