HPE Discover this week!

This week sees the HPE Discover Event take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. If the event is new to you can think of it as HPE’s largest annual trade show. This is generally where all the big announcements are made. This year the storage news was pre-announced before the show, I covered a round up of the news previously. I am lucky enough to be attending as a guest blogger so will be looking to get more info on the storage and all other news.

Ways to follow along

  • New this year is that the bloggers coffee talks will be streamed live on this YouTube channel. The Coffee Talks are sessions where various execs and senior product managers present the latest product news and vision direct to the bloggers. Previously there has only been about 15 bloggers able to get this deep insight so it’s great this is going to be widely shared this year
  • You can see the keynotes broadcast live at the HPE Discover home page
  • You can follow the other independent bloggers using this Twitter list and follow the chat online using #hpediscover
  • Of course you can follow along on d8tadude.com, and subscribe to e-mail updates
  • Also make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I will be chatting to those in the know and brining the latest news

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