Collecting 3PAR Insplore Logs

If you have any issues with your 3PAR and are working with HPE they will ask you to collect the logs, which they call Insplore Logs. Learn more about 3PAR in our 3PAR Beginners Guide.


1 Open up a web browser and enter the IP address or hostname of the service processor connected to your 3PAR and logon with your service processor credentials

2 On the left hand side of the screen click on support and then from the action area select the InSplore hyperlink

3 A window will pop up showing you all the commands it’s running to gather the logs.

You can close this window or leave it open and it will tell you when it completes.

4 You then need to browse to the logs that were created. Click on the files menu on the left and then the files folder on the right.  Continue to browse through the folder as follows 3PAR Serial number/InSplore and look for the insplore.tbz2 file with today’s date that you just generated.

5 Next to the file you just located you will notice 2 options transfer or download.  You can download the file to send via FTP or transfer should send the files straight HPE.

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6 thoughts on “Collecting 3PAR Insplore Logs

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Best way I would say would be to contact HPE and they will be able to identify which Service Processor is sending information back home

    1. I have not seen this behaviour. Have you seen this on a particular 3PAR / Service Processor OS?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. There is no special tool available but if you look in side the compressed folder you will see that it is just a collection of text files that you will be able to open. Each shows the result of different CLI commands, so if you are familiar with the CLI you should be able to read them fairly easily

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