Choosing infsight VM details option in 3PAR

Configuring 3PAR with InfoSight

HPE previously announced the availability of InfoSight on 3PAR. This guest post by Armin Kerl runs through the process of setting up the VMware vCenter with 3PAR to enable InfoSight. This allows a number of insights into the performance of VM’s held on the storage.

Hello 3PAR Guys, today I will show you how to enable VM Details in your HPE InfoSight (StoreFront Remote). To use InfoSight with 3PAR you need the following prerequisites:

  • 3PAR Call Home enabled, as I describe here
  • Service Processor version 5.0.3
  • 3PAR OS minimum 3.3.1.

Integrating the Service Processor with vCentre

1 Once you are logged into your Service Processor you can see the firmware version of the service processor like in the screenshot below

503 error

2 Now go to Systems > Edit System.

3 Choose Add vCentre

Adding vCentredetails to ServiceProcessor

4 Enter IP address, password and other relevant information for your vCenter.

Adding vCenterto infosight


If you got this Message:

RDA Message

Than the RDA Transport Protocol is not active, and the SP uses the old SSA transfer. This happens mostly, if you have updated the Service Processor from 4.4 to 5.0. To solve this:

Logon to the Service Processor with the “hpepartner” Account and go to “Edit SP configuration”.

Service Processor EditNow under Support change from SSA to RDA Transport Agent.

Check if Call Home Transfer is still working, it may be the RDA needs different firewall exceptions on your site.

Checking Infosight is integrating with vCentre

In Activity, we see now VM Collections running.

3PAR activity log

At this Time, the SP configuration is completed and we have to wait for 2-3 Days for background processing in the HPE InfoSight backend.

After 3 Days, log on to InfoSight and click “VM Details”:

Choosing infsight VM details option in 3PAR


Now you get lots of VM to Storage related information:

Example 3PAR INfoSight Repor2t


Example 3PAR INfoSight Report

In this previous post available you can see more examples other reports InfoSight will make available. That is all the steps you need to configure 3PAR with InfoSight.



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2 thoughts on “Configuring 3PAR with InfoSight

  1. Good stuff. A couple of notes:
    – HPE InfoSight is NOT StoreFront Remote. We have discountinued StoreFront Remote. While some of the way we show information in InfoSight probably looks familiar if you used SFR in the past, they aren’t the same. You’ll see the gap widen as our team adds more functionality and views with HPE InfoSight.
    – For anyone that wants a detailed “QuickStart” guide, I just posted a blog yesterday that has it – from the 3PAR engineering team who is doing the integration work. Here’s a link:

  2. Great post Richard!

    A little outlook.
    Today 3PAR InfoSight requires the 3PAR systems to run 3.3.1 and SP 5.03.
    It is planned to also support systems running 3.2.2 and SP 4.xx in 3Q18.

    Cheers StorePete

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