How to rename a 3PAR Remote Copy Group

This guest post by Armin Kerl  runs you through the procedure to rename a 3PAR remote copy (RCOPY) group. The truth is, that you cannot rename them, so the correct title should be:
How to move a Volume between RCopy Groups without the need to do a full resync,
below are the steps you need to take:

1 First, create a new empty RCopy Group with the new Name (using SSMC).

2 Next we need to stop the RCopy group and unexport the volume. From the CLI stop the Old_Group:

showrcopy -d groups Old_Group

stoprcopygroup Old_Group

Unexport the Volume from Old_Group on the Secondary Site (using SSMC).

3 Having stopped the RCOPY group and unexported the volume we can remove the Volume from Old_Group but choose to keep the snapshot:

dismissrcopyvv -keepsnap Prim_Volume Old_Group

4 To avoid a full resysnc of the volume we want the new RCOPY group to use the existing snapshot. Find the newly generated snapshot name:

showvv -p -type vcopy

5 Add the Volume to the new New_Group:

admitrcopyvv Prim_Volume:sv.0.rcpy.36.264.1 New_Group Sec_3PAR:Sec_Volume.r

6 Start and check the New_Group:

startrcopygroup New_Group
showrcopy -d groups New_Group

7 If the Old_Group hasremaining Volumes, do the same:

startrcopygroup Old_Group

showrcopy -d groups Old_Group

8 Export the Volume again on the secondary 3PAR (use SSMC).

9 Finally delete the temporary Snapshot:

removevv sv.0.rcpy.36.264.1

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