System Reporter – Date Format Incorrect When Exporting to CSV

If you have noticed your date format is incorrect when exporting from system reporter to CSV here is how to fix it. Once you have generated your report you need to look in your web browser you are running your reports from for the part of the URL that says timeform=Auto, I have highlighted the relevant text in an example URL below.

Simply change where it says Auto to Full so it should look like this timeform=full. Press enter in your browser to rerun your report and then you should find when you export to CSV the date format shows correctly.


Rather than trying to find the relevant parts to change in your web browsers address bar you may find it easier to copy the full URL to notepad, edit it here and then copy back to the address bar.



Rights to Run Tunesys

I recently tried to run tunesys and it showed as failed in the task list about 1 minute after starting it. I drilled down to see the task in detail showtask -d 1000 and I saw following:

Detailed status:  2012-02-29 12:52:11 GMT Created     task.  2012-02-29 12:52:11 GMT Updated     Executing “tunesys” as 2:15433  2012-02-29 12:52:15 GMT Error       login failed – Invalid user or password.  2012-02-29 12:52:15 GMT Error       Task exited with status 1  2012-02-29 12:52:15 GMT Failed      Could not complete task.


The key bit of the message was – login failed Invalid user or password.  I thought this was strange as I was already logged in.  Next thing I tried was to login with one of the local accounts to see if that made any difference and it worked! I was convinced it was something to do with permissions, but all the checks I did showed I was a super user.  I thought I was missing some secret security permission somewhere.  Anyway today I got round to ringing support and it turns out this is a know issue when trying to run tunesys from an LDAP authenticated user account.  See below for the full case notes from HP:


HP 3PAR Storage Systems – tunesys Command Will Fail when Run by User Authenticated Via LDAP


If end-user is using LDAP authentication to connect to an HP 3PAR array, end-user will not be able to run the tunesys command as the task will fail.


This problem will be fixed in a later release of InformOS.

As a workaround run tunesys as a local user.

Failed Chunklets

In the 3 Par system rather than a whole disk being shown as failed you can just see individual chunklets that have done so.

I saw the following in the GUI, under System and Summary

I investigated further via the command line to see which physical disks contained the failed chunklets. I saw all 3 failed chunklets were on the same disk.

showpdch -fail

Once I had seen this I decided to proactively evacuate all the data from disk 28 so it can be removed.

servicemag start -pdid 28

Double check its running in the background

servicemag status

Interestingly I was told by the second HP engineer a disk is not considered failed until it has 6 failed chunklets. I would say the decision of when to proactively hotspare out a disk is down to personal discretion.