VMTurbo 5.2 Released

What is VMTurbo?

VMTurbo if you are not familiar is what I would call a monitoring+ solution. By this I mean not only like a traditional product does it monitor your environment but it is also able to get your infrastructure into a desired state through proactively making changes to your environment. The monitoring is end to end right from the application layer down to the storage and the can be automated to allow an optimised infrastructure to be achieved through minimal manual involvement.


How VMTurbo Works

VMTurbo is based on the principles of market economics, before you start reaching for your text books this a simple implementation of demand and supply and make good sense. Each resource such as storage and compute is abstracted and attaches a value to its self, the resource will become relatively more or less expensive depending on available demand and supply. For example if host A is expending high demand for compute resources and host B is idle. Host B’s compute resources would be relatively much cheaper than A’s and VMTurbo would recommend more load is moved to the relatively cheaper host B.


5.2 New Features

VMTurbo 5.2 is just out, the new features are:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) Adherence – This allows customers to define QoS targets such as transactions per second and response times on a per application basis
  • Enhanced app control – We have already touched on VMTurbo being an end to end solution and this release see extended support into the application layer. The 5.2 release extends application support to Microsoft SQL and Oracle Database’s
  • Greater OpenStack support – Enhanced support for OpenStack block storage (Cinder)
  • Greater integration with Arista Networks.


vmturbo apps


How to get it

If you are an existing customer you can upgrade from the Admin tab, if you’re not a customer you can download a free 30-day trial.