3PAR SSMC 3.2 video demonstration

SSMC 3.2 – What’s New?

SSMC 3.2 has recently been released. Although this is a minor release it has some key feature changes that I think have significantly enhanced usability in terms of creating your own views and customisations. So I thought it was worth making a video demoing what’s new in SSMC 3.2 and how to create custom views to sute you.   Specifically I cover

  • Custom login banner messages
  • Multi domain support
  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Modifying dashboard
  • Viewing tasks and alerts
  • Using filters
  • Creating custom list views

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You can download this latest version of SSMC from the 3PAR software depot. The upgrade process is simple but I have covered it previously if you want to take a look.

If you want to take a look at the full list of features check out the SSMC 3.2 release notes and if your totally new to SSMC start here.