Veeam’s next big thing and 3ParDude’s new blog

What is 3ParDude’s next big thing?

Last week’s Veeam announced their next big thing and today I want to cover this and also my next big thing. First my news, I have put pen to paper and started blog number two! I’m super excited about this new venture I think it’s got so much scope. Data is growing at an exponential rate but backup and data protection just isn’t sexy, it gets pushed to the back of most companies to do list and is often inadequate. This will be the focus of the new blog – data protection. I want to deliver all the latest and greatest news from established vendors and exciting start-ups in the arena and present what has long been missing a simple and clear path towards data protection/ availability. I would love to have all you guys along for the ride so join me over at you can subscribe to the RSS feed and Twitter. Business will of course continue as usual at

Veeams Next big thing

For a month previous to the announcement Veeam had been advertising they were going to make the biggest announcement in the company’s history. This is a bold statement to say the least. I was going to start a sweepstake around this but I was a little slow off the mark. My hopes and dreams were for either the elixir of youth or the discovery of a free endless beer supply, unfortunately my hopes were dashed on both counts.


In all seriousness I was expecting one big announcement as the teaser has suggested. However what we got was not one massive announcement but several smaller ones. However the sum of the announcements was substantial and indicated Veeam has a strong vision and is looking towards the future. Carry on reading this article at to hear the key announcements and Veeam’s vision for the future.