EMC to 3Par Import

News that an EMC to 3 Par import utility was due to be released has been around for the last couple of months. However it’s only in the last couple of weeks it’s become available with the release of 3.1.3 MU1. The release notes for 3.1.3 in the what’s new section confirm that import from EMX CX4 and VNX1 will be possible.

Having a quick look through the HP 3PAR Online Import for EMC Storage Data Migration Guide it appears the initial setup differs a little bit from the EVA import but then the actual process is very similar.

The software is licensed free for 180 days and is based on the federated storage technology seen across the range to enable peer motion between 3Par and Store Virtual arrays. The import process is a minimally disruptive import. Minimally disruptive means that the only down time is to remove Power Path, install the Windows or HP DSM and adjust the zoning so the host looks to the 3Par instead of the EMC array.

The process is summarised by our man at HP Calvin Zito with another one of his chalk talk videos here