A Quick Guide to EVAPerf

This week I had to take a look at some performance concerns on an EVA. I had to dust off the old EVAPerf skills and made some notes along the way which I thought I would share.


EVAPerf is a command line utility used to monitor the performance of an EVA. It can be used in a console mode for real time monitoring or have the output piped to a CSV file for future review.

To run EVAPerf you need to connect to the server its installed on, open up a command prompt and change the EVAPerf directory e.g. cd C:Program Files (x86)Hewlett-PackardEVA Performance Monitor. The key command to collect all performance stats and pipe them to a CSV is:

evaperf all -csv -cont <xx> -dur <yy> -ts2 > <outputfile>

all = collect all performance counters

-csv = make file CSV type

xx = the interval at which data is collected in seconds

yy= how long (the duration) the collection will run for in seconds

-ts2 makes the file follow Microsoft Time format

I was troubleshooting an issue which occurred at a particular time each day and so created a batch file with the commands below and scheduled it using Windows Task Scheduler.

FOR %%A IN (%Date:/=%) DO SET Today=%%A cd “C:Program Files (x86)Hewlett-PackardEVA Performance Monitor”evaperf all -csv -cont 60 -dur 3600 -ts2 >f:%Today%.csv

The above command will give you all performance counters, for a duration of one hour, will collect stats once a minute and pipe the results to a CSV file with the days date.

If you want to see which individual performance counters are available just type evaperf with no options and press enter, this will then give you a list of all the available commands you can use to monitor the EVA. Some of the most useful ones are:

evaperf pd = physical disks stats 

evaperf vdg = virtual disk group stats 

evaperf vd = virtual disk stats  

evaperf hps = host port stats 

evaperf cs = controller stats

To monitor in real time just enter any of these commands directly into the CLI.


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