HPE Discover video round up



I have compiled all the useful 3PAR and storage related videos from HPE Discover into one location which I wanted to share for everyone’s benefit:


Storage keynote


Calvin Zito -theCube


Vish Mulchand & Kai Viljanen – theCUBE


Manish Goel – HPE Discover 2015 London – theCUBE


HPE 3PAR StoreServ Federation Explained


What’s the latest with HPE Hyper-Converged


What is storage for composable Infrastructure


New HPE Synergy Walkthrough





No one likes broccoli and other news from the storage key note

For those that couldn’t make it to Discover I wanted to give a quick overview of the storage keynote which was presented by newish SVP of HPE Storage Manish Goel.

As expected there was no killer 3PAR announcements made during the keynote, the additions to the product were as announced prior to the show. There was also no major announcements from the rest of the product lines. The theme of the presentation was HPE storage as a complete portfolio of storage solutions. This fitted in with the theme of Discover and the obvious direction of HPE not as a products seller but as a solutions provider. The graphic below was used to show HPE Storage with a portfolio of products with which the majority of an organisations storage needs could be covered. The storage trends identified formed the structure for the presentation with each area from all flash to composable infrastructure being covered in turn.

1 portfolio

All Flash

Flash is a rapidly expanding area of the storage market and HPE is aiming to make all flash the default choice by offering systems that are fast, affordable and enterprise class. Manish described 3PAR as the only device on the market that can deliver in the areas of performance, cost and true enterprise class features. All flash systems has grown from being 17% of 3PAR revenue to 39%. Year on year growth for all flash sales according to IDC was 551%.

2 3par growth


Data Protection

Changes in the primary storage infrastructure force change in the means by which you must protect that data. StoreOnce catalyst was touted as adapting to this challenge by allowing direct SAN backup, producing speeds of up to 17 times faster than traditional backups. Data protection was likened to broccoli something which alot of people don’t like but is good for us and necessary. StoreOnce is designed to reduce complexity and enhance speed around backup and recovery. It was not covered in the keynote, but a number of new models were announced in the StoreOnce range.



Object Storage

The drive to a digitised world and developments such as IoT creates the challenge of storing massive amounts of data never seen before and so requires a different approach. Object storage was suggested as key to managing these massive data sets. Manish was joined on stage by Scality CEO Jerome Lecat to discuss the partnership between HPE and Scality. When asked Jérôme said the key features of their product were that it was enterprise ready, supported rolling upgrades requiring no down time and feature data durability ensuring data will never be lost.


Software Defined

The software defined section focused on HPE’s ConvergedSystem line and StoreVirtual VSA. Slides were shown displaying this is a very fast growing market with +100% growth in the past year. The focus was on how HPE’s portfolio was a good fit for Gartner’s hyper-converged buyer’s guide criteria which is shown below.  Capabilities highlighted included, that the ConvergedSystem can be up and running in 15 minutes, was 45% lower cost than Nutanix, plus the StoreVirtual VSA can be used with any hardware /hypervisor

3 gartner hyper converged criteria

Composable Infrastructure

Composable Infrastructure was touched on as the future of infrastructure. You can read my full coverage of it in a previous blog post. To see the full keynote for yourself take a look at this video.


3PAR has long been the darling of the HPE storage portfolio and is reaping the benefits in terms of growth, market position and achievements such as the SPC-2 benchmark. Moving forwards as a solutions provider it seems likely other elements of the portfolio will be emphasised to bring a more level and harmonious offering to market.

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HPE Discover London 2015 Preview

It is now just a week until HPE Discover comes to the best city in the world, London! I’m super excited not only to have again been lucky enough to be invited as a guest blogger, but also to have the event on my door step. For those that aren’t familiar HPE Discover is HPE’s flagship conference held bi-annually in America and then Europe.


This will be the first HPE Discover to be hosted by HP Enterprise since the company was split earlier in the year.  It will be interesting to see what impact this has on the show and if it has a different feel.  Looking at the official website it shows 10,000 delegates will be attending so it certainly doesn’t look like it will be half the event it used to be. What we do know from the HPE Storage blog is that the show floor will be organised to reflect the 4 arears of focus for the newly formed company Transform to Hybrid Infrastructure, Protect your Digital Enterprise, Empower the Data Driven Enterprise, Enable Workplace Productivity.  Also check out the HPE Storage Blog for recommendations on the key storage sessions.


Normally around this time I look into my crystal ball and make some predictions about what is going to be announced at the show.  So far I have a 100% record of success in predicting the wrong stuff.  This year I have been spared the embarrassment of making ill-judged predictions by the major storage announcements being made before the show.  Still never fear storage fans I am sure there will still be plenty of cool stuff I can find out whilst I am there.


For those coming to London for the first time throw away your Lonely Planet and Rough Guides and be guided by the Dude:


Top 5 things to do in London


1 Try the local food – London isn’t right on the coast but if this is your first trip to England you must try the fish and chips, don’t forget to order your side of curry sauce and mushy peas. If your feeling brave you can try the old cockney delicacy of jellied eels which is boiled eel cooked in stock that cools and forms a jelly.  If any one does try jellied eels tweet me the picture

jellied eels


2 South bank – I love South Bank there is so much to see and do in a small area. Jump off at London Bridge tube stop and check out Borough Market where you will find food from every corner of the world.  After a short walk you will see Shakespeares Globe Theatre , next you will pass Millennium Bridge. A little further down you will get to Tate Modern, a former power station converted into a modern art gallery.  Past exhibits have included a pile of bricks and other strange items but a great building to explore with lots of interesting exhibits in it


3 Greenwich – A short hop over the river from Docklands where the main HPE Discover event will be hosted.  Greenwich considering it is right in the middle of the capital has a village feel to it. Check out the park to see if you can spot the deer, have a look at the Cutty Sark historic ship and visit the Royal Observatory  the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

cutty sark


4 Visit the Queen – No trip to London would be complete without taking in a visit to Buckingham Palace, don’t forget to practice your bow / courtesy beforehand

buckingham palace


5 Ride the duck bus – Indulge your inner child and ride a  bus shaped like a duck that drives into the Thames and becomes a boat, enough said.

duck bus



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