Hybrid Cloud Management – With Project New Stack

One of the things that really caught my eye at HPE Discover was Project New Stack which is essentially a Hybrid cloud management tool. At the moment this is still in development, but there was a preview at the show to give a feel for what this tool will aim to accomplish. I recorded the below video with Rick one of the Project New Stack product managers who talked me through the solution and gave me a demo:

Key take aways

  • Project New Stack aims to provide a tool for the management of hybrid cloud
  • This will aim to bring a single interface to manage onsite solutions such as vSphere and public cloud offerings from AWS and Azure
  • The tool will provide reporting data including costs across the disparate infrastructures
  • Management and orchestration can also be completed from the tool
  • Synergy will be a tightly integrated with the product so that the onsite experience can be as automated as possible
  • For the onsite deployments they will be monitored and aimed to self-repair. Just my opinion but this sounded very much like InfoSight and would confirm suspicions that Infosight was a key part of the Nimble acquisition

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