Windows Server NIC Teaming

A feature that was eagerly anticipated and more demanded thank Kanye Wests retirement from the music business, NIC teaming in Windows server was definitely a welcome edition in 2012. This is a quick guide on how to enable NIC teaming:

1 Open Server Manger click on the hyperlink that says disabled next to NIC teaming

Showing that NIC teamin is disabled

2 On the team’s area, click the tasks drop down and select new team

3 Name the team, like I have in the example:  The A-Team (see what I did there). Tick the cards you want to include in the team

If you select the additional properties you will see some additional options including the teaming mode. The default switching mode Switch Independent is very nice as it will work with any network switch, all the smart stuff is handled by Windows.

4 To set the IP address open network connections.  You can do this by entering ncpa.cpl in the run box and look for the device with the description Multiplexor. Edit the properties  for this and set the IP address as normal.

NIC Teaming active