3PAR latest feature announcements



There was a number of pre HP Discover 3PAR announcements made yesterday:


The first announcement was that 3D NAND drives are going to become available for 3PAR. 3D NAND stacks chips vertically, this derives the benefits of increased density and therefore lower costs. The new drives are expected to be available from mid December.


The online import tool which as the name suggests allows data to be migrated from a competitors storage system to a 3PAR now allows data import from an IBM XIV. This adds to the existing set of supported systems of an EMC Clarrion, VNX, HP EVA plus HDS NSC, USP, VSP Storage.


Flash acceleration for Oracle was the other major announcement. The proposition is for a slice of 3PAR based flashed storage to sit alongside an existing storage solution such as a VMAX to give a performance boost. This validated Oracle solution will harness Oracle Automated Storage Management which seeks the fastest path for both reads and writes. HP are claiming up to a 75% boost in performance whilst using this technology.

oracle flash acceleration


Also the StoreEver tape library range was refreshed with LTO 7 drives.


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