Hybrid Cloud Management – With Project New Stack

One of the things that really caught my eye at HPE Discover was Project New Stack which is essentially a Hybrid cloud management tool. At the moment this is still in development, but there was a preview at the show to give a feel for what this tool will aim to accomplish. I recorded the below video with Rick one of the Project New Stack product managers who talked me through the solution and gave me a demo:

Key take aways

  • Project New Stack aims to provide a tool for the management of hybrid cloud
  • This will aim to bring a single interface to manage onsite solutions such as vSphere and public cloud offerings from AWS and Azure
  • The tool will provide reporting data including costs across the disparate infrastructures
  • Management and orchestration can also be completed from the tool
  • Synergy will be a tightly integrated with the product so that the onsite experience can be as automated as possible
  • For the onsite deployments they will be monitored and aimed to self-repair. Just my opinion but this sounded very much like InfoSight and would confirm suspicions that Infosight was a key part of the Nimble acquisition

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3PAR 9450 Overview

The HPE 3PAR 9450 is the new all flash model in the 3PAR line up.  In this video I discuss the new model with 3PAR product manager Alberto.

Key Take Aways

  • The 9450 is an new all flash model in the 3PAR range
  • It is an addition to the existing product range, not a replacement
  • It is based on the existing GEN5 ASIC seen across the range
  • The 9450 effectively doubles the horsepower of the existing 8450 with twice the CPU’s and more than twice the cache
  • The form factor is based on the 20,000 series, each node is 2U like the 8000 series.  But unlike the 8000 the 9450 does not contain any data disks and fans are at the front of the unit

  • This is the rear view of the controller nodes

  • Drive cages are not daisy chained like in the 8000, but have individual connection

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