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Join me for a live webinar – Optimizing HPE & Veeam for the AlwaysOn Enterprise

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I am working with Veeam to present a live Webinar next week titled Optimizing HPE & Veeam for the AlwaysOn Enterprise. In which I am going to cover my top tips for getting the best performance from your 3PAR systems in conjunction with Veeam covering how HPE and Veeam work together.

On the 3PAR side you will be able to learn about performance optimisation under the following areas.

  • Choosing the 3PAR model for your needs
  • Hardware layout best practices
  • Getting the most form the available performance enhancing tools  – Adaptive Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, Adaptive Flash Cache
  • Hardware upgrade considerations
  • Plus other performance tips

Russell Noalan will be joining me from Veeam to cover:

  • How Veeam and HPE are better together
  • How Veeam can improve backup performance in HPE storage infrastructures
  • What’s coming in v10 of Veeam Backup & Replication

It really does look like an interesting session, I definitely want to see whats coming in Veeam V10 so please do join us by registering for the webinar. See you there!




HPE Scalable Persistent Memory Video Demo

What is Scalable Persistent Memory?

HPE Scalable Persistent Memory was announced earlier in the year at HPE Discover. I had the chance to talk to the product manager Brett Gibbs and ask him what is persistent memory? Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel

Persistent Memory Summary

  • Whilst flash has offered a massive performance boost to storage it is still significantly slower than DRAM memory. Memory however is traditionally not a persistent storage method i.e. if power is lost so is the data
  • Persistent memory fills the gap – Super fast memory that can persistently store data
  • HPE GEN9 servers offered an 8GB NVDIMM. This scaled up to 128GB total persistent memory per server
  • The GEN9 technology was good for demanding applications that need a slice of additional performance
  • HPE Scalable Persistent Memory is introduced with HPE ProLiant GEN10 servers. This scales up to 1TB per system
  • The system works with the standard memory found in a ProLiant GEN10 system by guaranteeing persistence with battery backed flash
  • This increased scale to 1TB per server, means that this can be used for larger use cases for example an entire data base

Be sure to sub to the YouTube channel, for more content

3PAR SSMC 3.2 video demonstration

SSMC 3.2 – What’s New?

SSMC 3.2 has recently been released. Although this is a minor release it has some key feature changes that I think have significantly enhanced usability in terms of creating your own views and customisations. So I thought it was worth making a video demoing what’s new in SSMC 3.2 and how to create custom views to sute you.   Specifically I cover

  • Custom login banner messages
  • Multi domain support
  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Modifying dashboard
  • Viewing tasks and alerts
  • Using filters
  • Creating custom list views

Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.  I’ve got lots more content coming soon including a 3PAR Simulator setup.


You can download this latest version of SSMC from the 3PAR software depot. The upgrade process is simple but I have covered it previously if you want to take a look.

If you want to take a look at the full list of features check out the SSMC 3.2 release notes and if your totally new to SSMC start here.