Pre Upgrade Clean Up – Stage 2 Patch 25 Consistency Checks

Patch 25 was released earlier in the year and is a critical patch for 7000 series 3Par StoreServ systems running 3 and 4TB drives. The issue may occur when the checkpd diag command executes, which can occur during HP 3PAR OS upgrades, drive cage/PD firmware upgrades, or in some instances, cage replacements. Full details on the patch can be seen here:

Patch 25 release notes

Although we applied the patch soon after it was released we already had data on the 3TB drives. As data existed on the drives before the patch was applied it has been necessary to run some consistency checks on the system. This has to be done by HP who ran a script on the system and then sent the results away to engineering for analysis. The results have come back clean, so on to the next stage……