HPE Scalable Persistent Memory Video Demo

What is Scalable Persistent Memory?

HPE Scalable Persistent Memory was announced earlier in the year at HPE Discover. I had the chance to talk to the product manager Brett Gibbs and ask him what is persistent memory? Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel

Persistent Memory Summary

  • Whilst flash has offered a massive performance boost to storage it is still significantly slower than DRAM memory. Memory however is traditionally not a persistent storage method i.e. if power is lost so is the data
  • Persistent memory fills the gap – Super fast memory that can persistently store data
  • HPE GEN9 servers offered an 8GB NVDIMM. This scaled up to 128GB total persistent memory per server
  • The GEN9 technology was good for demanding applications that need a slice of additional performance
  • HPE Scalable Persistent Memory is introduced with HPE ProLiant GEN10 servers. This scales up to 1TB per system
  • The system works with the standard memory found in a ProLiant GEN10 system by guaranteeing persistence with battery backed flash
  • This increased scale to 1TB per server, means that this can be used for larger use cases for example an entire data base

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