Brocade FC Switch Supportsave

A Brocade supportsave command saves a wealth of logs and information that can be useful when troubleshooting an issue.  It is also a recommended procedure to run a supportsave before upgrading the firmware on a switch, so that you have the necessary information to hand should there be an issue. Supportsave requires an FTP server to upload the logs to, if you don’t have an FTP server you can connect to the switch using Putty and choose to save the output to a file and then run a supportshow.

The following procedure shows how to collect logs from a Brocade switch via the CLI:

1 Connect to the switch via CLI

2 Enter supportsave and follow the prompts

3 Choose y when prompted to proceed

OK to proceed? (yes, y, no, n): [no] y

4 Enter the IP address of the FTP server

Host IP or Host Name:

5 Enter a username with access to the FTP server

User Name: anonymous

6 Select the protocol the FTP server uses

Protocol (ftp | scp | sftp): ftp

7 Select the directory on the FTP server to save the logs to. In this case the logs are being saved into a folder called switches

Remote Directory: /switches

8 When the operation finishes you will see a number of zip files in the location you specified

See all the steps together below

FCSWITCH1:admin> supportsave This command collects RASLOG, TRACE, supportShow, core file, FFDC data and then transfer them to a FTP/SCP/SFTP server or a USB device. This operation can take several minutes. NOTE: supportSave will transfer existing trace dump file first, then automatically generate and transfer latest one. There will be two trace dump files transferred after this command. OK to proceed? (yes, y, no, n): [no] y Host IP or Host Name: User Name: anonymous Protocol (ftp | scp | sftp): ftp Remote Directory: /switches Saving support information for switch:FCSWITCH1

For reference this is the link to the Brocade site on supportsave

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5 thoughts on “Brocade FC Switch Supportsave

  1. Hi Richard,
    Your blogs are great to read and learn the technology.
    I am new to brocade SAN switch and want to learn the supportshow/supportsave log analysis. Can you please refer a site or any material where I can learn concepts and log analysis ?

    Sadiq Pasha

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have written a few Brocade posts on the blog you can find by searching for Brocade.

      It’s been a while since I checked, but Brocade used to have beginners courses for free on their website so I would start there

  2. Hi Arnold, Nice article..
    Wanted to know if we can open the supportsave file for analysis .. ?
    or Is there any tool available .. ?

    1. Support save does gather a lot of info and is intended for Brocade support. You can also view the output by doing a supportshow, and choosing to save the output within Putty.

  3. Hello, is there any way to change default ftp port for server when make supportsave. I try with
    Host IP or Host Name:
    but it is not accepted and send me back to
    Host IP or Host Name:

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