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Lots has happened in the last year with the world of Veeam.  They had what was called their biggest announcement ever in which they unveiled the Windows agents, Linux agents, Office 365 backup and VAG.  Like the industry as a whole everything went a bit cloudy. The cloud of course presents new questions and challenges around the protection and availability of data.  The traditional policies you have applied inside your data center for the last 20 years like running fulls on Fridays and getting Dave from accounting to take the tapes home on Monday may no longer be relevant. Veeam’s annual conference VeeamON takes place in May and will help to answer some of the new questions around data protection and availability including hopefully what will Dave from accounting do with his Mondays.


The event takes place in the less traditional conference venue, but never the less very cool location of New Orleans. So if you like Gumbo, Jazz and data protection this is definitely the event for you.  The conference starts on the 16th May and runs for 3 days.  Some of the cool stuff that’s going to be there:

  • 85+ breakout sessions to attend, these are split into partner and end user tracks. You can get a flavor for them here
  • If you’re looking to get VMCE certified you can do so at the event for a discounted rate
  • Lots of chances for hands on experience
  • Plus the party. The VeeamON party holds a legendary status within the industry

Check out more info at the official VeeamON page.


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