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I recently tried to run tunesys and it showed as failed in the task list about 1 minute after starting it. I drilled down to see the task in detail showtask -d 1000 and I saw following:

Detailed status:  2012-02-29 12:52:11 GMT Created     task.  2012-02-29 12:52:11 GMT Updated     Executing “tunesys” as 2:15433  2012-02-29 12:52:15 GMT Error       login failed – Invalid user or password.  2012-02-29 12:52:15 GMT Error       Task exited with status 1  2012-02-29 12:52:15 GMT Failed      Could not complete task.


The key bit of the message was – login failed Invalid user or password.  I thought this was strange as I was already logged in.  Next thing I tried was to login with one of the local accounts to see if that made any difference and it worked! I was convinced it was something to do with permissions, but all the checks I did showed I was a super user.  I thought I was missing some secret security permission somewhere.  Anyway today I got round to ringing support and it turns out this is a know issue when trying to run tunesys from an LDAP authenticated user account.  See below for the full case notes from HP:


HP 3PAR Storage Systems – tunesys Command Will Fail when Run by User Authenticated Via LDAP


If end-user is using LDAP authentication to connect to an HP 3PAR array, end-user will not be able to run the tunesys command as the task will fail.


This problem will be fixed in a later release of InformOS.

As a workaround run tunesys as a local user.

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