3PAR SSMC page cannot be displayed

I had a situation the other day where I couldn’t get connected to the SSMC, I kept getting a page cannot be displayed message. I spent a good amount of time checking logs, restarting services and swearing.

page cannot be displayed


After some time the solution turned out to be blindingly obvious, the browser I was trying to connect from wasn’t supported. To save someone else the pain here is the list of supported browsers on SSMC 2.2:


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Google Chrome versions 37, 38, 40, 41, 43, and 44
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 32, 33, 36, 37, 38, and 39

System Reporter Error

Recently I had some problems with System Reporter, the symptoms were that when I went to run a report it showed no data available for the period. When I checked the System Reporter server I saw that the 3Par system reporter sampler service had stopped. To see what the issue was I checked in the Sampleloop log located in the following location C:Program Files (x86)3PARSystem, towards the end of the log I saw the following error:

2014-07-21 08:51:33: MySQL DB error executing show full columns from statldrg_hourly_2: mysqlsel/db server: Table ‘.inservstatsstatldrg_hourly_2’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

In order to repair the MySQL tables I took the following steps:


1.   Stop in this order the following services: System Reporter service, Apache service and MySQL Server service from services.msc

2.  Open the Task Manager and select show process from all users. If the following processes exist end them: inserv_perf.exe, Trimdb.exe, Compactdb.exe, inservsample.exe

3.     Before you start make a backup of the current database. The default location for the DB is C:ProgramDataMySQLMySQL Server 5.5datainservstats. You can back this up by just making a copy of the folder

4.     Open command prompt as an administrator and change directory to where MySQL database is located e.g. C:ProgramDataMySQLMySQL Server 5.5datainservstats

5.     The command below will repair and re index the tables just copy and paste it into your command prompt. You will need to replace the X with the version of MySql you are using eg 5.5

“C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 5.Xbinmyisamchk.exe” -r –key_buffer_size=512M –sort_buffer_size=512M –read_buffer_size=8M –write_buffer_size=8M *.MYI

Wait for this command to complete, it can take some time, you will know it’s done when it goes back to the command prompt.

5.     Start the MySQL Server service, System Reporter service and Apache service.

In my case it took a good hour to run and then System Reporter was back from the dead, good times

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HP 3Par Replacing a Failed Disk

Replacing a failed disk in a 3PAR is pretty simple you just need to follow a few steps to make sure you do it safely. If you are new to 3PAR or would like to learn more a good place to start is our 3PAR beginners guide

Let’s get started with the disk replacement procedure:

1 Check to see if you have any failed or degraded disks in the system. Take a note of the disk ID and cage position. In this case disk ID =26, cage position = 2:8:0

3PARSAN01 cli% showpd -failed -degraded

                           -Size(MB)-- ----Ports----

Id CagePos Type RPM State   Total Free A     B     Cap(GB)

46 2:8:0? FC   10 failed 417792   0 ----- -----     450


 1 total                  417792   0

2 Check if the disk sevicemag command is running on the drive. The servicemag command is used to inform the system to evacuate all the chunklets from a drive so that it is ready for service. Below we can see the servicemag has succeeded on the drive we identified in step 1.

3PARSAN01 cli% servicemag status

Cage 2, magazine 8:

The magazine was successfully brought offline by a servicemag start command.

The command completed Thu Jul 10 20:07:03 2014.

servicemag start -pdid 46 – Succeeded

3 Next we double check there is no data left on the drive. You can do this by running showpd –space driveID as below. You need to check that all columns other than size and failed are zero

3PARSAN01 cli% showpd –space 46


Id CagePos Type -State-   Size Volume Spare Free Unavail Failed

46 2:8:0? FC   failed 417792     0                 0     0          0         417792


1 total                        417792     0            0   0          0        417792


4 Next to replace the physical disk. Make sure you are happy with the above steps. Then pop that bad boy out, you will have a note of the location of the failed drive from step 1.


5 Once the disk is in you can monitor the progress of the rebuild by running servicemag status, which will give you an ETA for completion.

3PARSAN01 cli% servicemag status

Cage 2, magazine 8:

The magazine is being brought online due to a servicemag resume.

The last status update was at Thu Jun 26 12:09:19 2014.

Chunklets relocated: 73 in 50 minutes and 34 seconds

Chunklets remaining: 400

Chunklets marked for moving: 400

Estimated time for relocation completion based on 41 seconds per chunklet is: 4hours, 57 minutes and 39 seconds

servicemag resume 2 8 -- is in Progress

6 Once this is complete you can check that your disks are showing in a normal state with showpd -state

3PARSAN01 cli% showpd -state

Id CagePos Type -State- --------------------Detailed_State---------------------

43 2:5:0   FC   normal normal

44 2:6:0   FC   normal normal

45 2:7:0   FC   normal normal

46 2:8:0 FC   normal normal

47 2:9:0   FC   normal normal

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