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Previously I gave an overview of  HPE’s new online analytics tool for your 3PAR systems StoreFront Remote. StoreFront remote works by utilising the performance statistics that are sent back home to HPE.  However to view a system in StoreFront remote you still need to register it against your HPE Passport ID, I covered the process in my previous post. To save everyone who wants to view the systems having to go through the registration process you can use System Group Access, this allows one user to register the systems and become the group owner enabling them to add additional users.  This post covers the process and assumes that you have already registered the 3PAR systems you wish to monitor:

1 Login to StoreFront Remote using your HPE passport ID

1 main menu

2 Click on the main menu and choose System Group Access.  The group for the systems you have registered will be displayed and you will be owner

2 default group

3 From the actions menu choose to rename it

3 action menu

4 Then from the action menu choose add users and enter the e-mail address of the users you wish to add.  This must be the e-mail address associated with the HPE passport of the user you are inviting.

4 add users

5 You will then see a status invite pending.  The recipient of the mail just needs to click on the URL in the invite to accept the invite

5 invite pending

Thanks to @CalvinZito for finding out the information which enabled me to write this blog post.


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