How to Get the Serial Number for Your 3Par

Getting the serial number is one of those regular things you will need to do when you call HP. What you will find with the 3 Par is that it has 2 serial numbers. A 3Par and HP Serial number.


The 3Par serial number is easy to find. As soon as you log in to the GUI you will be taken to the dashboard view and you will see it here as the third item down on the right, shown in the screenshot below. You can also show the 3Par serial number from the command line with a showsys.

When you call support they always seem to need to convert the 3Par Serial number into a HP one and then log the case. So to save time you can get the HP serial number by running from the CLI shownode -i –svc, under the nodes section of the output you will see the HP serial numbers listed as scalable serial.


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13 thoughts on “How to Get the Serial Number for Your 3Par

  1. And if it is a 3PAR P1000?
    3pardc cli% shownode -i -svc
    Inventory is only available for HP 3PAR 7×00 and 8400 series systems

    How to get HP Serial Number?

    1. Yes that command is only available on the 7000 series. I will publish this comment to see if anyone knows how to get the HP serial number for the 10,000 series

    1. You can see a serial number if you enter showcage -i from the CLI. But I don’t know that HPE use this serial number, normally they just want the serial number of the base unit.

      1. “showcage -i ” gives each individual component serial number but not the one needed for raising support case. Cause, the one I got from my colleague and the 7-x digit of individual serial number from “shownode” is different, neither I find it with showcage -i

  2. Is there a website that you can enter the 3PAR SN# to get the HPE SN# ?? So I do not have to go back to the Customer, when they give me the 3PAR SN#, which I can’t use.

    1. I don’t know of a website that does this, but HPE themselves are certainly able to convert between the serial numbers if you give them a shout.

  3. Hi
    I have a question!!
    Is there any way to change 3PAR serial number ??
    Or create a fake serial number (and it works)???
    Because i don’t want uninitialize 3PAR again !!!
    Hope you give me a solution.

      1. Thanks for your answer
        I have another question
        Can i enter another 3PAR serial number after the process of reinitialize that you said ??

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