SSMC 2.2 – What’s New

A new release of SSMC is now available from the 3PAR Software depot.  As the numbering would suggest SSMC 2.2 is  evolution and not revolution.  2.2 adds additional features and scalability, lets take a look at what’s new:


  • Number of systems supported doubles from 16 to 32
  • Support for the new 8000 and 20,000 series is added
  • iSCSI VLAN tagging

Additional block features

The following features can now be configured using SSMC

  • Adaptive flash cache

  • Priority optimization



Remote Copy

  • Topology diagram
  • Async streaming – also announced at HP Discover makes it’s first appearance
  • RC links performance
  • Peer persistence enhancements

Remote Copy

File persona

  • Multiple NICs supported
  • Support usage of the RCIP port for File
  • New AV vendors

System reporter

  • System reporter gets some additional reports including AFC
  • Compare by feature
  • Export to CSV / PDF

If your new to using SSMC check out my newbies guide.


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