New VVOL Commands

I found this post lurking my drafts area, I probably should have renamed it newish commands now but the information is still relevant.

3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU2 saw the introduction of VVOLs support for 3PAR, this meant a number of additional commands were also added to the CLI:

setvasa – Set the VASA Provider server properties.

startvasa – Start the VASA Provider server to service HTTPS requests.

stopvasa – Stop the VASA Provider server from servicing HTTPS requests.

showvasa – Show properties of the VASA web service provider.

showvvolvm – Show information about virtual machines (VVol-based) in the system.

You can read more about VVOLs in my previous post and HP’s white paper.

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3 thoughts on “New VVOL Commands

  1. Just want to point out that 3.2.2 has changed the syntax of showvvolvm since we now support multiple storage containers on a 3PAR array. In addition there is a new CLI command setvvolsc that is used to create and remove storage containers. The 3.2.2 CLI Admin manual has more detail on this and I’m in the process of updating the white paper you referenced.

  2. Hi ,
    i will plan to implement the VVOLs in our environment
    Can you help me on below queries
    Can you please check is the best practice to use the VVOLs in 3PAR ?

    Shall we use existing CPG’s for VVOLs or need to create new CPG for use the VVOLs?

    Can we control/restrict the storage space in 3PAR level once we implement the VVOL ?

    V-Center level showing space is for total 3par storage or CPG storage space ?

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