The SSMC Administrator Console

Previously in this SSMC series we installed the SSMC and today we will look at adding systems to the console. To add and remove systems from SSMC you use The SSMC Administrator Console.


Adding a system

1 Connect to SSMC Administrator Console by entering the URL https://yourSSMCserver:8443/ in a supported browser. Tick the box at the bottom of the screen for the Administrator Console

1a admin console tick

If this is the first time you are connecting to SSMC you will be prompted to set an admin password, just press set credentials and choose the username and password you wish

1 set admin

2 Once logged in choose add from actions menu

2 add system

3 Enter the host name or IP address of the system you wish to manage plus a username and password with rights to the system. Then click add

3 enter details

4 Before you can login into the system you will need to accept its self-signed certificate. Highlight the system, then from the actions menu choose accept certificate. A further box will then pop up and you just need to select accept and cache


    4 add certificate

Other SSMC Administrator Console actions

The Administrator Console is intended to control the connection state of the 3PAR systems and to set the admin credentials for the SSMC Administrator Console. As well as adding systems they can be removed and disconnected, this is achieved for highlighting the system and choosing the option you require from the action menu.

If you wish to reset the administrator credentials for the SSMC administration console first login then choose session which is the icon that looks like a person in the top right corner and select change credentials.

5 reset password 

Next in the series newbies guide to using SSMC. Keep up to date with this SSMC series by following on  Twitter or by subscribing.





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9 thoughts on “The SSMC Administrator Console

  1. after you run the bat file what do you do to set the new password?

    what if you dont know the username?

    1. Hi, I understand the part where you add a 3par to ssmc using its ip address, but how is that ip address set on the 3par in the first place?
      Many Thanks

    1. Hi why are you using 5873? The default port is You can use the default port is 8443,
      or you can assign port 5781 or 5782 specifically for SSMC.

      1. I know port 8443 is default but it is using for initial setup of SSMC. I asked about port 5783 because in above description while you add your systems (arrays) through administrative console, I saw port 5783 next to IP address. Therefore want to confirm if we have open port 5783 as well along with 8443.

  2. Hi,

    I want to add new 3PAR 8440 to ssmc, but when I try to accept the certiificate the accept and cache button grey out.

    do you have experience this before?


  3. Hi,
    Thanks for detailed blog. with latest ssmc I am not able to discover host in search box. Please let me know how to proceed

    1. The search box will just search for hosts that are already installed. Also you would need to select the option to search everywhere, i.e. not just on the screen your in

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